Some of the trails are open to the public for training before the event, however there are sections of private property – please refer to the interactive course maps if you wish to organise a training ride. If you need help planning a ride,  send us an email so we can suggest the best locations to access the course.

The event receives significant support from the local community, with private landholders opening their gates to allow us to pass through on race day. Remember though, this is PRIVATE PROPERTY, and no matter what your excuse (training, bird watching or taking your bike for a walk) access through these properties is strictly off limits unless you’ve got a race plate on the front of your bike and you crossed underneath our big yellow start arch in the last few hours. Please respect private property, otherwise it’s possible you might have a camel or annoyed landowner chasing after you and risk putting the event in jeopardy.



Entering the Convict 100 is one thing, but how do you truly prepare?

Following a training program doesn’t need to be a bore, but a structured approach will help you reach the start line in good shape and tick off any specific goals you might have concerning your performance at the event.

We have teamed up with racer and head coach at Mind Matters Athlete Coaching, Justin Morris, who have developed a 12-week and 6-week training plan specifically targeting the Convict 100 event. Sessions are devised specifically to help riders through the iconic challenge that is the Convict 100.

  • 12 Week Training Plan for $75 – Starts Monday, 12th February 2024
  • 6 Week Training Plan for $45 – Starts Monday, 25th March 2024

Once you have signed up, you will get free access to a TrainingPeaks basic account, with your daily training laid out and access to everything you need to start training without any extra cost required. You’ll get details on how to use the plan, and some reminders about how to best prepare for a successful Convict 100 event.

Each plan has a beginner, intermediate and advanced option depending on your experience and goals for the event. The plan does not require you to use any specific power or heart rate data equipment, however, the option to use these tools is there. All you need is a bike with sessions that can be completed on the road, indoor trainer and/or trail. Some stretching, strength and mindset sessions are also included which can be completed at home but do not require any equipment.

You can be assured that the training plan has been put together by an accredited AusCycling Advanced MTB and road cycling coach, taking into account the right principles for training, progressive overload and recovery.

In addition to the training plan there is an opportunity to access continued coach consultation/contact with a Mind Matters Athlete Coaching Coach throughout the plan for a discounted extra cost. This includes adaptation of the plan to better fit your schedule in the lead up to the event.

How to Sign Up

Purchase the Training Plan through the Convict 100 registration system when you enter the event online.

You can also add the Training Plan to your order post entry. To access your entry registration and add the training plan simply:

  • Head to Active and log in to your account with your username and password.
  • Select your ‘Convict 100’ event registration and from there you will be able to manage your registration and add purchases to your entry.

After purchase and within a week, Justin Morris from Mind Matters Athlete Coaching will be in touch with access details.