Saturday 15th October 2022
St Albans, NSW


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fisiocrem is a topical massage gel for the temporary relief of muscular aches and pains. For fisiocrem, care is about more than the temporary relief of muscular aches and pains. Through our ongoing support of events and organisations, we are creating a movement that not only fosters physical healing, but also mental well-being. In this way, we demonstrate our commitment to support the lifelong well-being of the entire community

Mountain biking and cycle touring have long been our collective passions at Ground Effect. We only sell directly to cyclists – no wholesalers, agents or retailers. You get a lot of bang for your buck with top shelf quality at real world prices.

Gear that works and lasts is pivotal to our success. It’s not rocket science. We conjure up functional designs based on our own experiences and interactions with fellow cyclists. We source high specification fabrics that work better and last longer than the industry norm.

Almost all of our kit is made in New Zealand. Pedal on.

Tailwind Nutrition is a total source of fuel, electrolytes and hydration specifically designed for endurance athletes. Easy to mix, hydration pack friendly and a taste that you wont get sick of. By using all natural ingredients, Tailwind mimics your sweat loss and replaces those vital electrolytes. No more pills, gels, bars, chews, you can go all day with Tailwind!! Really!!

Trail Mechanic is the bike mechanic that comes to you whether that be home, work, or the trail. We understand that leaving your bike at the bike shop for weeks on end is not an option- we give you more time to ride! Servicing the Central Coast to Wollongong, and all of Sydney, with our quality workmanship and quality brands your bike will be riding the best it has ever been.