Saturday 15th October 2022
St Albans, NSW

Rules and Equipment

Compulsory Equipment (to be carried by riders at all times)

  • First aid kit (crepe bandage, wound dressing, triangular bandage, surgical gloves and 4 band aids)
  • Australian approved cycling helmet
  • Tool kit with minimum of pump (or CO2 canisters), spare inner tube/s (or puncture repair kit)
  • Container to carry a suitable amount of water to sustain you between feed stations

Race Rules

  • All competitors must wear an Australian approved cycling helmet at all times and carry the compulsory equipment.
  • Competitors are not allowed to assist each other with nutrition, carrying compulsory equipment or any form of forward progression (pushing, pulling or towing) except in an emergency situation.
  • Any rider found littering the course will be disqualified on the spot. This will be strictly controlled by marshals on the course.
  • You have to complete the event on the same bike (non-motorised) you started the event with.
  • Your race number must be clearly visible on the front of your bike at all times. Race numbers are not to be modified or cut down in any way.
  • You must report to the timing tent in St. Albans if you decide to withdraw from the event. If you are injured and not able to return to the event centre, please inform a race official on course.
  • Only registered riders, safety personnel and course marshals are allowed to ride the course on race day.
  • Race officials will enforce a cut off point on the course at the 47km mark. This is the split point between the 68 and 100km courses. Any 100km competitor that arrives after 12:00pm at this location will be directed back to St. Albans via the 68km course.
  • All protests must be lodged with the race director before commencement of the prize giving presentation at 2:00pm.
  • Riders are expected to assist competitors who have injured themselves. If you come across an injured rider, provide assistance and ask a fellow rider to inform race officials at the next intersection. Times will be adjusted to compensate for any losses.

Time Cut Off

There are no time cut offs for the 68km or 44km course. However both courses will be closed by dark.

For the 100km course and for safety reasons we do not want any riders to remain out on the course after dark. Therefore we are enforcing a time cut off at the 47km mark. This is the split point between the 68 and 100km courses. 100km competitors must arrive before 12:00pm at this location or will be short coursed back to St. Albans via the 68km course. This means you will basically be transferred mid-ride from the 100km course to the 68km course. You wont be disqualified or receive a DNF on your 100km result, you will simply be transferred to the 68km course and will receive a classification within your age group in this course instead.

Rider Support

Once you leave the start you will not be returning to St. Albans until the finish. This is an unsupported race. Any outside assistance (apart from fellow competitors) will be considered cheating and will lead to disqualification. Spectators are welcome at the start/finish and the kayak bridge at the 33km mark. Directions on how to drive from St. Albans to the kayak bridge will be available at the registration tent – Please note, spectators are not allowed to assist their rider in any way at the kayak bridge, that includes nutrition or taking any unwanted gear. Be warned as this will be policed to keep it fair for all riders.