Course Update

As we set our sights on 2024 events, we are looking forward to welcoming riders to St Albans in May. For those that have already signed up, or those looking to join us, we have an important update regarding the 2024 courses. The more we look at the new courses the more excited we are that they might even be better than the original!

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Entries Open!

The 17th installment of the Convict 100 is coming! The Convict 100 is one of the longest running MTB marathons in Australia and there’s a reason it’s stood the test of time! Savagely difficult, wildly fun, ungroomed and outrageous, this ride is not one to miss. Be...

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The 2024 Event Program will be available 1-2 weeks prior to the event.

race schedule

The event schedule will be confirmed in the official event program. We will only deviate from this schedule in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

Campsites Opens
Event Centre & Registration Opens (St. Albans Village)
Event Centre & Registration Closes
Event Registration Opens
100km Race Briefing at Start Line
100km Race Waves Start
100km Race Waves End
67km Race Briefing at Start Line
67km Race Waves Start
67km Race Waves End
Event Registration Closes
48km Race Briefing at Start Line
48km Race Waves Start
48km Race Waves End
Results and Prize Giving

mandatory gear

  • First aid kit (crepe bandage, wound dressing, triangular bandage, surgical gloves and 4 band aids).
  • Australian approved cycling helmet.
  • Tool kit with minimum of pump (or CO2 canisters), spare inner tube/s (or puncture repair kit).
  • Container to carry a minimum of 500ml of water to sustain you between feed stations.

race plates

All riders will collect their race plate at the Registration Tent either the evening before or on the
morning of the event.

Check the event program for registration opening hours.

You will need to know your race number to collect your race plate, this will be emailed out after online
entries close.

Race plates are mandatory for all distances and must be attached to the front of your bike.

If you have any concerns please speak to one of our friendly staff when collecting your race bib.


aid stations

There are three marshalled Aid Stations along the course, see the 48km67km and 100km course details for distances. At the aid stations, riders will have access to the following:

NOTE: There will be no cups at the aid stations, so you will need to carry a water bottle or hydration pack (or similar) to refill.


There will be portable toilets at the Event Centre and camping areas. There is a National Parks toilet at the Ten Mile Hollow campground – which is at the 42.5km mark on the 67km & 100km courses. Elsewhere on course riders will need to be prepared to be self-sufficient, and please #LeaveNoTrace


We are proud to be supported by Tailwind Nutrition, which is offered ready to go at all of our on-course aid stations. Lookout for the Tailwind Nutrition logo at our Aid Stations! Tailwind’s fuel can meet your complete calorie needs, and sipping it regularly gives you steady energy all day. Tailwind also has a full complement of electrolytes that mimic the composition and proportions of sweat, so you don’t have to take separate electrolyte pills to make up for what’s not in your drink.

Tailwind is:

  • Easy on your stomach: No gut bombs. Tailwind’s fuel and electrolyte mix maximises the absorption of calories, water, and electrolytes. It doesn’t require digestive time or effort like other drinks.
  • Simple and complete: Complete energy and electrolytes in one easy to mix drink. No need to bring additional fuel or electrolytes. you can ditch all those gels, pills, and chews.
  • Tasty all day: Clean, light flavours that get better the longer you go.
  • Hydration pack friendly: Dissolves thoroughly and rinses easily without any leftover film or goo.
  • Vegan, Gluten-free, GMO free, natural, and organic ingredients: Mixes up crystal clear with no artificial ingredients.

At Convict 100, Tailwind is mixed at approximately 200 calories/700mL as recommended by Tailwind Nutrition Australia. This ratio allows you to enjoy additional aid station treats and prevents consuming excessive calories in warmer weather.
Using Tailwind
Mixing Tailwind
Visit Tailwind Nutrition Australia

safety on course

The Convict 100 takes place in areas with limited mobile phone coverage and riders in the longer distances will be traversing some remote and inaccessible terrain. Please ride to your ability and stay focused. Historically, most accidents occur when riders lose their concentration on downhill sections. If you are not comfortable riding any particular section please dismount and walk.

Keep an eye out for warning signs, they are there to alert you of significant hazards ahead. These signs are not placed on every potential hazard, so stay vigilant at all times.

Remember you will be riding on public trails and roads open to other traffic. Event staff, traffic marshals and volunteers will be present to assist at road junctions and crossings but it is your responsibility to lookout for any pedestrians or vehicles, and obey all road and event signage. Please stay to the left hand side of roads and trails in public areas. This is particularly important on the two main valley roads: ride in single file and stay left.

First aid teams will be located around the course at strategic locations. If you or another rider needs first aid please make your way to the next marshal or aid station. If this is not possible please phone the emergency number on the back of your race plate.

Riders are expected to assist competitors who have injured themselves. If you come across an injured rider, provide assistance and ask a fellow rider to inform race officials at the next marshal or aid station, please make sure you inform race officials of the injured rider’s race plate number. Times will be adjusted to compensate for any time lost while helping fellow riders.