Saturday 7th May 2022
St Albans, NSW
Entries Open:

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What sort of mountain bike do I need?

Any mountain bike (XC, Enduro, trail, all-mountain etc) will do, although a bike with front suspension makes for a smoother ride, rear suspension even more so. You can use a hybrid, gravel or cyclocross bike, however you may need to walk some rougher sections of the course. If doing one of the longer distances (100km course especially) and you have a choice of bikes, bring the bike that handles rough rock covered trails the best.

Q: What do I take with me on the Convict 100?

All Competitors

Competitors will have to carry all food and repair gear when they leave St. Albans. Please take note the course is basically one loop. You will start and finish at St. Albans so you will not have an opportunity to get more food or pickup gear along the way. Find below what we consider essentials for any mountain bike ride in the bush:
  • Hydration backpack (plenty of water)
  • Food (some energy food to keep you going)
  • First aid kit (containing anti-septic, bandages, tweezers, dressings etc)
  • Pump
  • Tool bag (containing everything you need to fix your bike)
  • Spare tubes
  • Chain lube
  • Mobile phone (reception is patchy, but might help you get out of a sticky situation)
  • Spray jacket
  • Sunscreen and Insect repellent
  • Sunglasses or clear lenses

100km Course

Three water stations will be positioned at the 33km, 50km and 72km mark where riders can fill up with water, electrolyte drinks and coke. There will also be a selection of sliced fruit such as bananas, lollies and other yummy stuff available at the water stations so take that into consideration when planning your nutrition strategy.

68km Course

Riders doing the 68km course will have access to two feed stations at 33km and 47km.

44km Course

Riders doing the 44km course will have access to one feed station at the 33km mark.


Q: Are there any course changes for 2022?

No, the 100km, 68km & 44km courses are all back in 2022, all unchanged from the 2020 edition (as the 2021 edition was altered slightly). Course maps, profiles and descriptions can be found on the Course Overview page

Q: Can I get a refund if I withdraw from the race?

Please see the Refunds / Transfers / Cancellations section click here

Q: Can I change from one distance to another distance?

Competitors registered for the 100km course can change to the 68km or 44km – at the same time riders in the 68km can drop down to the 44km course. For details on how to change courses, click here

Q: Can I transfer my race entry to another person?

Yes you can, see Entry Transfer policy here

Q: Can I drive up on the morning of the race?

If you live in the Sydney metro area you can drive up on the morning of the race but you will have to allow at least 2 hours to get to St. Albans. Also, you need to factor in and allow additional time as the main route in goes via the Webbs Creek or Wisemans Ferry. Depending on your arrival there might be a delay at the ferry.

Instead, why not make it a a two day trip by camping overnight in St Albans. There ample camping space for all riders and a festive atmosphere around town on Friday night.

Q: Where can I stay at St Albans?

Please see the accommodation details on the Accommodation Page.

Q: Is a support crew needed for the Convict 100?

No, you do not need a support crew for this event. The nature of the race will require you to be self-sufficient out on the course.

Q: Should I expect anything in the post after I’ve entered?

We do not post out any information, merchandise or items related to the event other than your race bib. Personalised race bib numbers will be mailed prior to the event. You are likely to receive your race bib anytime in the 3 weeks prior to the event. This only applies to event registrations made prior to Tuesday 5th April 2022. Participants with interstate (outside NSW) or international addresses listed on their event entry will not be mailed their race bib prior to the event, therefore these riders will need to collect their race bib at registration on race day. Your race bib will also not be mailed to you if you have an unsigned event waiver, so you will need to visit registration to sign the event waiver before you will be permitted to start. If you are claiming a withdrawing riders entry after Tuesday 5th April 2022, you will be allocated a NEW race bib number, without your personalised name printed on it and you will need to collect it on race day at registration. Your race bib will NOT be mailed to you prior to the event. The withdrawing riders race bib will therefore become void and can not be used. Cable ties will be available at registration on race day if you forget to bring your own. Please place your race bib on the front of your bike, where it is clearly visible. To ensure all riders receive the necessary information, we will communicate with you via the event website and your registered email address. Two weeks before race day, we will release an Event Program document on the event website, containing all the information you need for race weekend. You will be made aware of this document via email.

Q: How do I enter the Convict 100?

You can enter via our secure online entry system. Click here to go to the Entry page for more information.

Q: Am I able to ride the course before the event?

Certain sections of the course like the Old Convict Trail are open to the public. However, the course as outlined on the course maps traverse through private property and cannot be ridden in its entirety. Special permission has been obtained to allow you access to these areas on the day of the event. Please be respectful to land owners by not trespassing on their premises before the event. If you do plan to ride sections of the course, get in touch with us at [email protected]. We will advise you on which areas are off limits.


Q: What time does the race start?

The preliminary race day schedule can be found here

Q: What are the expected finish times?

Top riders doing the 100km course will finish the course in 4 hours depending on conditions. Start times for the race have been designed to allow those who would like to enjoy the ride sufficient time to finish in daylight. Top riders in the 68km category are expected to finish in 2 hours & 40 minutes - 3 hours.

Q: How will I know where to go on the course?

The course will be clearly marked with brightly coloured markers for easy guidance. Marshals will also be positioned at critical points along the course for extra guidance when it is needed. The trail outline and markings will be discussed in the Event Program document (released two weeks before the event) and at the briefing prior to the commencement of the event.

Q: How fit or skilled do I need to be?

Mountain biking for a prolonged period of time can be taxing on the body so you need to prepare accordingly. Depending on your experience and fitness level, you have the option to ride the 44km, 68km or 100km course. You can change your course distance up until a few days before the event by emailing [email protected]