St Albans Rural Fire Brigade

The Convict 100 has a close relationship with the St Albans Rural Fire Brigade, and the event is a major fundraising source for the volunteer brigade.

St Albans Rural Fire Brigade is made up of volunteer members who give of their time to serve the community.  The Brigade is a First Responder agency to many incidents in the Valley including fires, motor vehicle accidents and flood clean-up.

St Albans Rural Fire Brigade members provide the bulk of volunteers at the Convict 100, from coordinating parking and camping areas through to course marshalling, radio communications and incident response. 


How can I support St Albans RFS?

1. Register for Convict 100

A portion of your entry fees are donated to the St Albans Rural Fire Brigade.

2. Camping / Parking Fees

When you pay to camp or park in the designated event camping areas this money goes directly to St Albans Brigade. If you are feeling generous additional donations will be most appreciated by the volunteers at the gate!

3. Thank the Volunteers

Most of the on-course marshals at Convict are St Albans RFS Volunteers. Many of them spend the entire day out on the trails to ensure the safety of every last rider. Be sure to say hi and thank them while you are out there!