Saturday 2nd May 2020
St Albans, NSW
Entries Open:

Refunds / Transfers / Cancellations


Entry cancellations can be made up to Saturday 20th April 2019 (two weeks before the event date), by writing to [email protected], when a refund (less $30 administration fee) will be made. Refunds will not be given after this date.

If you would like to protect your entry fee and receive a full refund, without admin fee charged as per above, either after entering the event or in particular within two weeks of the event date (when we no longer offer partial refunds), you can purchase the ‘Registration Protection’ insurance option. This is provided by Booking Protect for an additional fee at the time of purchasing your event entry.

If you are unable to attend the event due to unexpected injury or illness or other specific reason, purchasing this registration protection may protect your original entry fees paid, if you meet the refund claim criteria. Be aware that unexpected work/family commitments (other than permanent work relocation) preventing you from attending the event does NOT qualify as an applicable reason to receive a full refund. This insurance purchase option is NOT available after you register for the event, so please consider this at the time of purchase.

Full details, terms, conditions and exclusions of the Booking Protect registration protection program can be found here.

Entry Transfers (Online)

Participants can transfer their entry to another person up until Wednesday 17th April 2019. Transfers can be made through the original entry registration process on by accessing your events portal and transferring your entry to another athlete via email. The new rider will need to claim this entry transfer at which time they will pay the full entry fee. Once the new rider has claimed the registration, a refund will be processed automatically to the original rider with a $20 transfer fee being deducted from the refund. In the final week the full competitor list will be released on the event website. Please check to make sure your details are correct and your name appears in the correct riding category.

Please Note: We don’t offer entry transfers to future or other events, only entry transfers for this event, to other people.

Further entry transfers will only be accepted at registration before the event (on race day). The new rider must present the original receipt and a letter from the current incumbent requesting race officials to transfer the entry to the new rider. It’s both riders responsibility to work out any rider to rider payment for the entry between themselves as the entry has already been officially paid for. Entry transfers at registration will incur an additional $40 administration fee (payable by the new rider).

Course Changes

Competitors can change categories up until Wednesday 17th April 2019. Email your request for a course change to [email protected]. Competitors can upgrade to a longer course (unless sold out prior) – the difference in entry fee will be payable when you upgrade. Competitors downgrading to a shorter course are not eligible for any refund of entry fees.

Further course changes will only be accepted at registration before the event (on race day). See the designated race official in charge of transfers and course changes.

Late Registration

Provided there are places still available, you may be able to enter at registration on Friday night or on the day of the event. There is however an additional $10 administration fee.

Event Cancellation

If the event has to be cancelled due to weather conditions, natural disaster, acts of god, terrorism, war or any other reason so deemed by the organisers, all efforts will be made to reschedule the event at a later date. If the event is rescheduled and you are unable to make the new date, no refunds will be issued.

You will be notified of the cancellation by email and announcements will be made on the home page of this site. Please note the event will not be cancelled due to rain. Race organisers will review the track conditions if required in the last week leading up to the event and update everyone via the event website and Maximum Adventure Facebook page.