Saturday 15th October 2022
St Albans, NSW

Pricing & Categories

Entry Fees


Early Bird Entry
06/12/21 – 06/01/22

Standard Entry
07/01/22 – 07/04/22

Final Entry
08/04/22 – 04/05/22

100km (Elite) $150* $165* $180*
100km $140* $155* $170*
68km $110* $125* $135*
44km (Junior)$50*$60*$70*

*A $1 plus 2.5% processing fee applies

Age Categories – Male & Female

The 44km Course is open to all ages with only two Age Categories available:

  • Junior (11-17yrs) – Only available in the 44km course. Refer to Notes below, if you would like to participate in a longer distance.
  • Adult (18 & over)

The 68km / 100km Course is open to all ages with the following Age / Bike Categories available:

  • Open (18-29yrs) – 68km / 100km courses
  • Senior (30-39yrs) – 68km / 100km courses
  • Veteran (40-49yrs) – 68km / 100km courses
  • Masters (50-59yrs) – 68km / 100km courses
  • Grand Masters (60+) – 68km / 100km courses
  • Single Speed (All Ages) – 68km / 100km courses
  • Cyclocross (All Ages) – 68km / 100km courses
  • Electric (eMTB) (All Ages) – 68km / 100km courses
  • Elite (All Ages) – Only available in the 100km course


  1. Age categories are determined by your age as it stands on race day.
  2. Riders under the age of 18 years can enter the 68km or 100km event, however, this is up to the discretion of the race director. Please email [email protected] requesting permission to enter and state your experience/capability to ride the race distance.
  3. There must be at least 3 people in the category for prizes (1st Place only) to be awarded. This includes both age categories and special categories (Single Speed, Cyclocross & Electric).
  4. Trophies (1st, 2nd & 3rd Place) will be awarded to all categories, even if there are less than 3 people in the category. This includes age categories and special categories (Single Speed, Cyclocross & Electric).
  5. If you are registered for the single speed, cyclocross or Electric (eMTB) category, you are not eligible for age category prizes therefore please choose your category carefully.