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4th May 2017  

Convict 100

Saturday 6th May 2017
St Albans, NSW

The course has been set, the kayak bridge built, all that is missing is you! The riders!

The Convict 100 2017 is here, with a cracking day out on some of the most spectacular, remote and challenging mountain bike tracks to be found anywhere. Stretches of single track, technical rock gardens and some awesome views are all waiting for you. The course is looking fast this year, just watch out on some of the downhill stretches where it is very easy to get caught out if you’re not careful!

The official Event Program is a treasure trove of valuable information regarding the event. What time does rego open on Friday night? What’s the best way to the Event Centre? Where can I camp? All this and more is included. If you haven’t had a good read now is the time to take five minutes and do so. The Event Program is attached below for your convenience.

Event Program



Saturday 15th October 2022
Convict 100
St Albans, NSW



Convict 100 2015

Driving and Camping

Arriving safely and on time to the event is the first challenge. The roads leading into St Albans are narrow and windy. There is also the ferry crossing at Wiseman’s Ferry to contend with as well. All this means you should plan accordingly. allow extra time and take it easy. Directions are included in the Event Program along with some invaluable information regarding road closures around the event start times. The second ferry at Wiseman’s Ferry crossing point will be operating from 6am on Saturday morning, A tip from the wise, often it is quicker to use Wiseman’s Ferry rather than brave the line up at Webb’s Creek Ferry.

If you are coming down on Friday to camp the night before, there are plenty of spots at the traditional camping sites at the flat rate of $5 per vehicle payable to St Albans RFS. If you are planning to use the premium camping along the river on private property please be aware that this is by private arrangement with the landowner, not the event organiser. This could cost you between $15 – $20 per person with none of it going to the RFS.

Unlike in previous years the Fickle Wombat restaurant will NOT be open on Friday night. There will be plenty of food options at the event centre and St Albans Inn will be open as per normal.

Convict 100 2015


Registration opens for all distances at 5pm on Friday and closes at 9pm. Registration then re-opens on Saturday morning at 6.30am and goes through until 9.30am for those last minute 44km arrivals.

Upon arriving at the event centre check your race number allocation on the posted lists, join the correct line based on your race number and then collect your race number plate (and any merchandise) you ordered.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are a Elite (100km only) or Singlespeed (100km or 68km only) rider please make the event official at registration aware so you can be allocated to the correct category. If you fail to do so you will appear in your corresponding age category rather than the Elite or Singlespeed category.


Aid Stations

There are three Aid Stations out on course along the full 100km route, at 33km, 47km and 72km from the start. Riders on the 68km course will pass though the 33km and 47km aid stations while riders on the 44km course pass through the 33km aid station.

Available at these aid stations will be bananas, oranges, cake, lollies, Coke, Tailwind Nutrition and water.

While all the aid stations will be well stocked it is advisable not the rely on them as your sole source of nutrition. There are long distances to cover between aid stations which can take some riders a long time. Riders are strongly encouraged to take plenty of snacks with them and to be well equipped with drinking water. If you are riding near the front please be respectful of riders behind you and don’t overindulge at the aid stations (like grabbing a handful of lollies, eating two then dropping the rest by the track) which can leave some riders at the back of the pack missing out on the one item they really wanted. Plus it is always better to have food with you that you have trained on and you know how your body reacts to rather than trying something brand new on race day.

Please note the cups at the aid stations are for Coke only, not water. Riders are to use there bottles/hydration packs to top up on water.


Convict 100 2015
Convict 100 2015

Call for Volunteers

We are still on the hunt for a few volunteers to help out at the Event Centre on Saturday. Volunteers will predominantly be involved in helping at registration then cheering the riders across the finish line and making sure they receive their free water and 4 Pines beer upon completion of the event.

If you have a partner, friend or family member coming along to cheer you across the line why not ask them to help out. Lunch will be provided to these volunteers along with plenty of thanks and appreciation from the Race Director and prime positioning to see you cross the finish line.

Anyone interested in volunteering should fill out the Volunteer Proforma via the link below and we will be in touch straight away.


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