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Event Update - Course Changes

19th April 2021  

Convict 100

Saturday 1st May, 2021
St Albans, NSW

We hope you’re all looking forward to the Convict 100 and finally being able to get out on course and ride!

The course will look a bit different this year, planned maintenance work by NSW National Parks on Shepherds Gully Track has been delayed and won’t be completed in time for this years event. This will mean changes to the 68km and 100km course to avoid this trail. We have endeavoured to keep these changes to a minimum while utilising many of the same trails as the original course and keeping the distances the same (or as close as possible).

Updated course maps are attached and a brief description on the changes for each distance can be found below:

44km Course – Unchanged

68km Course – Now 74km: Riders will now leave St Albans via Settlers Rd (in the same direction as the first 10 years of the Convict 100 event) in a nice flat and fast start, but that will soon change. After turning up Wrights Creek Rd the riders turn off at the bottom of Blue Hill (which you will come down later) and join the 100km course. Soon the climbing starts as you tackle the 8 Mile Track. At the top of the 8 Mile you will hit your first Aid Station then turn left along the Western Commission Track, then historic Claires Bridge before you will get to experience the long untamed stretch of the Old Great North Rd, usually only used by the 100km riders. After turning onto Sullivans Arm the second Aid Station quickly appears before you head south before dropping down the legendary Blue Hill back onto Wrights Creek Rd and the ride along Settlers Rd back to the finish. With more single track riding than the original 68km course you won’t be left disappointed by the course change.

100km Course – Now 103km: The 100km course remains relatively unchanged by avoiding Shepherds Gully. Riders will instead use the 8 Mile Track to climb up onto the ridgeline and onto the Old Great North Rd. The first 33km stretch of the 100km course to the kayak bridge remains unchanged. After crossing the kayak bridge the riders will this year turn left, along Settlers Rd, up Wrights Creek Rd (along a small stretch which you will ride in the opposite direction later) before turning off at the bottom of Blue Hill to then climb up via the 8 Mile Track. Once you hit the Aid Station at the top of the 8 Mile Track the course remains unchanged from previous years.

We feel these new courses all retain the spirit of the Convict 100 course and will still provide the same epic feel of conquering a long uninterrupted loop of riding in an area steeped in history.

Distance transfers remain available until Wednesday 28 April 2021, contact info@maxadventure.com.au

We can’t wait to see you at St Albans.

44km Course

74km Course

103km Course



Saturday 15th October 2022
Convict 100
St Albans, NSW



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