2015 Entries Now Open

4th December 2014  

100km, 68km or 44km?

One of Australia’s longest running XCM events is back on the 2nd May 2015 for the 11th installment of the Convict 100. We are very excited to announce the 2015 edition will include a number of course changes:

100km Reverse

After celebrating our 10 year anniversary in 2014, it was time to introduce some new challenges to the regular Convict riders. The 100km was relatively easy, for many years we’ve been contemplating running the course in reverse which is what we are doing next year. This change will present a very different challenge to those familiar with the “old” course.

Riding up Jacks Track and Shepherds Gully will no doubt test the climbing legs but being able to fly down the Womerah Range and the infamous Blue Hill will equal the scores. Where riders will experience the biggest change is tackling the rock gardens and rock drop-offs in the opposite direction along the Old Great North Road – these sections ride very differently in reverse and time will tell if riders find it more challenging, especially with the two major climbs appearing before the technical bits.

New 68km “Half Century”

2015 will also feature an all new 68km course to replace the “Half Century” and a new 44km option for the “not so serious” novice mountain biker. The new 68km course will be made up of the first 47km of the 100km and will include the famous Convict kayak bridge and technical sections around Shepherds Gully and the Old Great North Rd. This gives our half century riders access to the “good bits” and an opportunity to ride those sections traditionally reserved for the 100km. Although riders will have to cover a bit more distance the new course is a marked improvement and will present a much more diverse and challenging course to those wanting to race the Convict half.

One thing we do want to make clear to our regular “half century” riders. The 68km will be replacing the previous 50km and aimed at riders wanting to race, or keen to experience the technical sections on the course. Not to be confused with the new 44km which has been earmarked as an entry level ride.

New 44km Beginners Ride

The new 44km course is mostly made up of fire trail and dirt road sections without the challenges of a second big climb or technical sections along the OGNR. We see it as an introduction to mountain biking, getting new riders on the dirt and giving them a chance to be part of a mountain bike race. It will still dish up a few challenges though with a 300m ascent in the first 15km and an opportunity to ride the kayak bridge.

Entries for all three courses are now open with a $10 discount if you enter in December. To view the new course map and profiles, follow the link below.

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Saturday 15th October 2022
Convict 100
St Albans, NSW



Convict 100 MTB enduro 2014, 50k, 75k, 100k
100km profile_Final
Convict 100 MTB enduro 2014, 50k, 75k, 100k
68km profile_Final
Convict 100 MTB enduro 2014, 50k, 75k, 100k

Need a Training Plan?

For 2015 we have partnered with a company called “Today’s Plan” who have developed a very powerful web based training & analytics tool for cyclists. This coaches riders to train in a structured, scientifically proven way and allows riders to specifically train for the Convict 100 race distances! Sports Scientist and coaching guru Mark Fenner is one of the founders of Today’s Plan and the system uses his proven training methodology.

One of the fantastic things about Today’s Plan is the flexibility it offers, allowing riders to tailor their training to the time they have available – whether it be 5 or 25 hours each week to ride – and also to tailor their availability on different days of the week. This ensures the rider is getting the best possible “Training Benefit for Time Available”. They have a video that explains how it works on the home page page of their website at www.TodaysPlan.com.au . We are pleased to have several special offers for Convict entrants who purchase their Today’s Plan training program when they register for the event.

All training plans purchased when entering the Convict 100 will automatically get $10 off. Prices below:

  • 6 week tailored Training Plan & Full Analytics – $19.95
  • 8 week tailored Training Plan & Full Analytics – $29.95
  • 10 week tailored Training Plan & Full Analytics – $39.95
  • 12 week tailored Training Plan & Full Analytics – $49.95
  • 16 week tailored Training Plan & Full Analytics – $69.95 (**Dec 2014 special of $59.95)

If you want to maximise the training benefit for your time, check out the Today’s Plan website below.

Today's Plan    
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